Why pCloud 500GB Lifetime Giveaway Will Help With My Dropbox Woes

So recently my Dropbox account informed me that my 36gb worth of storage that we won during that epic Dropbox Campus Cup space war thing — you know the one where everyone was trying to win 25gb for everyone in their school that only lasted 2 years — was up for expiration soon.

And I did what any sane person would do.

I signed up for even more cloud storage accounts. Really. I just went full steam ahead.

I scoured the internet for the best cloud storage I could find. I looked at a few, and downloaded Mega (btw while I am impressed by their security measure, I have somehow forgotten my password which should be impossible… but true. So I have not used Mega after that inital download… and should probably use that recovery key)… and I’ve also downloaded pCloud.

Mostly because they wanted to give the most free Cloud space on the interwebs and since I have no money (I spend most of it on food) and am always up for a bargain, I downloaded those two and decided to divide my old Dropbox files into three. And back it up again on a hard drive just in case.

(Or I think I did that. Note to self: I need to check said hard drive. Must kiasu a bit when it comes to your digital files ’cause you never know what shit might happen.)

But pCloud really won me over by integrating into my desktop seamlessly. And letting my storage space live on the cloud.

Meaning no matter what huge file I put in there, there was a way to make sure it didn’t eat into my laptop space.

(Which, incidentally, was one of the problems I faced with Dropbox… and also Mega. 🙁 Sorry Dropbox and Mega.)

Also. Even if you accidentally deleted files, they still live in to your Trash folder in your pCloud account. Hey, it happened to me before. I stupidly deleted all my files and proceeded to have a panic attack until I found them living in pCloud’s Trash folder.

Which is why I’m pretty stoked about this pCloud giveaway.

Also I need that 15 extra entries you get by writing this blog post. Very clever, Gleam.io. This is how you help pCloud spread the word. I see what you’re doing. My eyes are on you.

But I don’t care because who isn’t baited by free 500 gb worth of cloud storage? That will last you a lifetime?! Of course everyone will want free stuff lah.

Like seriously, I am shamelessly telling you to enter to win here because I get 10 extra entries.

Please do it and sign up to help a poor girl win. Or maybe win it yourself but I’ll be super jelly if that happened so just don’t tell me if you win.

*Featured Image Credit: Markus Spiske | Unsplash

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