ShopBack Portfolio

At ShopBack, as Content Marketing Manager, I managed the blog for the Malaysian market. That included writing and editing articles, managing freelance writers, planning the content calendar, doing content exchanges, understanding the data behind Google Analytics to improve marketing objectives.

I would also use social media and paid marketing to promote the blog.

Goal of the Malaysia Blog:

  • To increase brand awareness for consumers in Malaysia about ShopBack, and establish ShopBack as top of mind before making any purchases online
  • To show how ShopBack can help consumers live “the smarter way” (the tagline at the time)

Main KPI and Metric:

  • Number of Sessions (Month on Month)

Other KPIs:

  • Average Time on Page
  • Engagement / Share Rate


  • Increased Sessions 8x in 8 months.
    • I did this by:
      • hiring more freelancers (preferably from their own home country)
      • getting freelancers to pitch articles that they were excited to write about
      • articles were written either as evergreen articles (with keyword research so the topic was targeted based on search volume), or to respond to a trending topic
      • making sure each article was optimised for SEO
  • Increased Average Time on Page to above 1 minute
    • This is to make sure that the articles were actually being read (and to determine if the article was useful to our audience, thereby satisfying the goal to make ShopBack “the smarter way”

As a Content Marketing Manager, I also wrote articles for the blog. Sometimes, I also crossed over and wrote for the Singapore blog.

Some examples of articles that I’ve written include:

This was republished by AsiaOne on their site.

Videos at ShopBack

Outside of my duties, I also spearheaded video content at ShopBack.

These videos were used to not only engage our viewers on social media but also drive traffic to the blog, so they would usually be tied to an article, and we would run Facebook ads to boost the videos views and engagement (note: if the CPC was too high, we’d stop using paid ads on some videos).

Here are the videos that I’ve filmed, edited, produced, and sometimes starred in while I was at ShopBack.

Reusable Straws

Geylang Serai

Shopping — The Smarter Way

Other Videos

Hari Raya DIY Decorations

Note: The embedded videos that can’t be viewed are all Hari Raya decorations.