All The SingPoWriMo Poems I Wrote In 2018

I didn’t write much, and it was tough for me to even begin. I stalked the page for 11 days before I even wrote one word. But this is what came out of it, and while it may not be groundbreaking, it made me write something.

So that’s an achievement. Thanks Singpowrimo 2018.


the dice gods are real
don’t believe me? maybe you will
next time you roll a one
if you rolled a twenty you could have
sliced the goblin’s head off clean
stolen the pouch of gold coins from the tiefling’s belt
scored the ring of three wishes to wish the dragon away
you rolled a one so many times you start to wonder
are the dice gods real?
after all, you rolled a one three times
you don’t slice the head you slice the goblin’s armour
the belt falls off the tiefling, now she knows you’re a thief
you find a ring in the pile of smoking rubble, only made of lead
so when good dice go bad
we shout “critical” as we throw
we arrange our dice face up
we don’t use the dm’s dice
we put the incriminating die in jail
we learn to appease the dice gods
that way, there are no bad rolls
#GeorgiaHo#FamilyFortuneBonus (at least for as long as I’ve played dnd) #PantangPrompt#spwm2018#spwm2018day13#spwm2018prompt13#plscrit
(also I found this while looking at more dice superstitions: if anyone’s interested)

Previous draft on previous prompt: DAY NINE

Ode to DnD

Where the only limit to play is
how much you and your party
fuck up your dm’s plans, or
charm your way out of a sham


Day in the life of student in Hall

Why today got class,
Run down hill, take shuttle bus,
Still in pyjamas

Before Sunset, Somewhere in May? June? of 2016

you’ve said you were leaving
I don’t remember — when
we walked through a cloudy Parisian day — when
I tried to bring you to the place — when
Jesse and Celine met again
what was that place called?
I don’t remember
I’d googled it
I recall
the stone arches on top of glass storefronts
we didn’t go in them
the wooden benches we didn’t sit on
the snaking vines that were almost brown, not green
the cut on my finger
when I opened the umbrella, metal grazing skin — did it rain?
blood staining my white cotton scarf
did I wear a scarf
I don’t remember
we were bitten by bugs
invisible bugs, or were they some sort of flies
I don’t remember
and the rain threatened to fall
— or did it already pour?
I called us an Uber
or maybe you did,
I don’t remember
maybe that Uber
had bottled water
the driver offered us
but was it that Uber?
I don’t remember
I do recall
you said you were leaving
we sat in the train station
in a cafe I’ve forgotten the name of
I’d lost my appetite
cotton and sticker and a growing red blot
pressing against plaster
we’d bought in a frenzy
in a phramacy somehow
without understanding frenc—
did that mean you were staying?
— I don’t remember the timeline
drinking — was it tea?
or were you the one sipping on tea
you said you were leaving
why do you say you were leaving
if you don’t go


#spwm2018 #spwm2018day23 #spwm2018prompt23 #SliceOfLifePrompt #MissVanjieBonus

That “tweenage dirtbag” prompt has had the song playing in my head all day. Dunno how I’m ever gonna catch up on this but I’m not gonna try.

#plscrit don’t kill me I cannot poem well yet 😢




And yet, and yet
is the world of dew
the world of dew*

And yet we talk
about scales and exchanges,
weights and stock markets

And yet we speak
of the immovable rock
we have become

And yet we see
how time doesn’t stop the clock
ticks with no batteries

And yet I feel
the weight of what is broken
when left unspoken

And yet I dream
And yet I hope
And yet, and yet.

*Kobayashu Issa, but flipped

#spwm2018 #spwm2018day22 #spwm2018prompt22 #WorldOfDewPrompt #JapaniceBonus-sorta #backlog #plscrit #GeorgiaHo

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